PPC Management Services in Dallas

PPC stands for pay per click, a popular form of Internet marketing where advertiser is charged a small fee each time when their ad is clicked. You can notice the PPC ads when you search using popular search engine such Google or Bing that appear above or on right side of organic search results. Every time the ad is clicked, sending the user to your website, a small fee is deducted from your account. The popular PPC management services are Google Adwords & Bing PPC network.


Why you should use PPC marketing for your business?

PPC is a great marketing tool to drive targeted traffic & boom sales/qualified leads for your business. Below we have listed top benefits of marketing through a PPC campaign.


Highly-targeted website traffic

With PPC management services, you can create different ad groups and assign to different keyword groups as per demographics which help generate quality & targeted traffic for your website. With full control of your campaigns, you can draw up special PPC campaigns with discounts and targeted at different geographic regions.


Maximize the return on your marketing investment

With full control for your PPC campaign costs, access to accurate data for cost & conversions per PPC campaign; you can fine-tune your campaigns to maximize the ROI for your marketing spending through PPC.



While with organic SEO, it may take some time to reach to top search results before you experience some surge in web traffic for your website, PPC ads can help quickly generate qualified traffic and help increase online sales for your ecommerce website or increase in qualified leads for your business website right from the day one of launch of your PPC campaign.



With targeted campaigns for different demographic regions/countries, you can increase the reach of your business to many fold & grow your business.



Which is more effective SEO or PPC? Is SEO more effective to give stable results or PPC offer better ROI? Both have compelling points for and against each. Below we have listed the points in tabular form for both SEO & PPC to help you get better understanding of both.




SEO Services
Slow results
SEO Services
Quick results
Long lasting results
SEO Services
Only until your campaign is running
Receive 80% of clicks
SEO Services
Receive 20% of clicks
Long term strategy
SEO Services
Quick yet short term strategy
Free to show search results
SEO Services
Costly CTR when you receive traffic
Moderately Complex
SEO Services
Very complex

So while both SEO & PPC have points for & against each, both offer opportunities and can be used to strengthen your digital marketing strategy. So every marketer with budget should utilize both for their power & synergy that can be achieved.

While it can be argued here that the organic SEO is the best option for you but top results take time. So you can use PPC Managemnt services as your interim strategy while your organic SEO efforts is catching up to reach TOP slots in SERP.


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